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Galvanized Metal Rustic Angel Wings Wall Hanging 2 Piece Set

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  • Overall Size - Each wing measures 28.5 inches high, 11 inches long, and 0.25 inches wide, creating a stunning presence on your wall.
  • Quality Construction - Expertly crafted from durable metal, these wings feature a pre-installed triangle ring mounting hanger on the back, ensuring easy and secure installation.
  • Galvanized Finish - The wings boast a galvanized finish with a distressed, rusty patina, mimicking the look of real feathers. Intricately detailed relief texturing adds an artistic touch, elevating their aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatile Usage - Perfect for crafting and home decor projects, these wings serve as a versatile addition to your creative endeavors. Their intricate design makes them ideal for various DIY projects.
  • Angelic Elegance - Infuse your home decor with a heavenly touch by incorporating these angel wings. Their ethereal presence brings an aura of angelic elegance to any setting, making them a captivating focal point in your space.

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Elevate your living space to heavenly heights with this exquisite pair of angel wings, gracefully adorning your wall. The galvanized finish lends a rustic charm, embodying a weathered patina that exudes timeless elegance. These 28.5-inch high, 11-inch long, and 0.25-inch wide wings bring an aura of angelic sophistication to any room, transforming a bland wall into a captivating masterpiece. Crafted with intricate detailing, these wings capture the ethereal essence, adding a touch of celestial beauty to your home decor. Their versatile design allows your creative spirit to soar; arrange them alongside other decorative pieces or frame an art piece above the mantel for a truly divine ambiance. Made from durable metal, these wings strike a perfect balance between rustic allure and timeless grace. Their distressed appearance tells a story of ageless elegance, making them a unique focal point in any room. The galvanized finish infuses a touch of shabby chic charm, while the angelic symbolism adds depth and meaning to your space. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, these wings inspire a sense of heavenly serenity. Whether you're decorating a cozy living room or enhancing your garden paradise, these angel wings are the epitome of artistic grace. Embrace their ethereal presence and let your walls come alive with celestial splendor.

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