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Antiqued White Indoor Outdoor Metal Nautical Compass Rose Wall Sculpture 20.5 Inch Diameter

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  • Generous Size and Substantial Presence - This nautical compass rose wall hanging boasts an impressive 20.5 inches in diameter and a sturdy 1-inch depth, ensuring it becomes a captivating focal point in any room, commanding attention with its substantial presence.
  • Robust Craftsmanship and Longevity - Meticulously crafted from durable metal, this wall art piece guarantees years of maintenance-free display. Its robust construction speaks of enduring quality, promising a lasting addition to your home decor collection.
  • Charming Distress for a Timeless Appeal - The distressed matte finish adds character and charm, creating an authentically aged look with a beautifully weathered appearance. This rustic touch enhances the wall hanging's allure, making it a timeless addition to your interior.
  • Flexible Placement Indoors and Outdoors - Versatility is at the core of this compass rose wall hanging. Whether gracing the walls of your living room or enhancing your outdoor space, it effortlessly blends into any environment. With the flexibility to adorn both indoor and outdoor walls, it seamlessly adapts to your decor preferences.
  • Nautical Elegance and Timeless Style - Infusing any room with a touch of maritime elegance, this wall hanging effortlessly brings forth nautical styling, elevating the ambiance of your home. Its intricate design and enduring appeal make it a captivating addition, ensuring your living space resonates with timeless style and sophistication.

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SKU ZKO-99106

Transform your home with a touch of nautical elegance through this captivating nautical compass rose wall hanging. Crafted with meticulous detail, the three-dimensional center design adds depth and intrigue, while the distressed antique bone white finish imparts a charming vintage allure. This exquisite piece measures 20.5 inches in diameter and protrudes gracefully by an inch from your wall. Easily adaptable, this wall hanging finds its place both outdoors as striking outdoor wall art and indoors, offering a cozy, nautical decorative aura. Hanging it with a single nail or screw accentuates its effortless charm, making it an ideal addition to any wall in your home. Its coastal-inspired design evokes the spirit of the sea, enhancing the ambiance of your space. Embrace the maritime theme with this artful creation, which seamlessly blends the beauty of a ship's wheel, compass, and anchor. The large size ensures it becomes a focal point, drawing attention with its intricacy and style. Perfect for any room, this decorative sculpture adds a maritime touch, transforming your home into a coastal retreat. Let your walls narrate tales of the sea with this stunning nautical compass rose wall hanging, a symbol of adventure and timeless beauty in your coastal-themed decor.

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