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Set of 3 Cast Iron Nautical Design Kitchen Trivets Decorative Wall Hangings Mermaid Anchor Compass Rose

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  • Perfect Dimensions - Each trivet measures about 7.75 inches in diameter and 0.75 inches high, providing substantial coverage for your kitchen needs.
  • Built to Last - Crafted from enduring cast iron, these trivets promise years of maintenance-free use and display, ensuring longevity and resilience in any setting.
  • Timeless Aesthetics - Their vibrant, weathered enamel coating bestows a rustic, antique allure, making them not just functional but also visually striking decorative pieces.
  • Versatility Defined - These trivets serve a dual purpose, acting as functional kitchen accessories to protect surfaces and doubling up as captivating decorative wall art when not in use, adding flair to any room.
  • Thoughtful Gesture - Whether for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, these trivets blend practicality with artistry, making them a thoughtful and delightful addition to any kitchen or living space.

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SKU ZKO-99075

Infuse your kitchen with coastal elegance through this charming set of 3 cast iron nautical trivets. Featuring exquisite designs of a mermaid in a soothing blue, an anchor in a rich, deep brown that almost appears black, and a compass rose in a crisp white. Crafted with meticulous detail, these trivets serve both function and style. Protect your kitchen surfaces from hot pans, ensuring your countertops stay pristine, or adorn your dining table with these decorative accessories, infusing a touch of maritime elegance into your meals. Designed for versatility, these trivets can be easily hung on your wall when not in use, becoming captivating pieces of wall decor that amplify the charm of your space. Each trivet boasts a vibrant yet weathered enamel-painted finish, evoking a delightful antique aesthetic. Measuring approximately 7.75 inches in diameter and 0.75 inches in height, these trivets are substantial enough for your largest pots and pans, making them indispensable additions to your kitchen arsenal. Embrace the allure of the beach and the mystique of the sea, as these trivets embody the essence of coastal living. Whether you're a seasoned cook in a bustling kitchen or creating a serene lodge-like ambiance, this set effortlessly merges functionality with artistry. Elevate your culinary experience and kitchen decor with these decorative iron trivets, celebrating the harmony between practicality and nautical sophistication.

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