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Set of 10 Hand Carved Tropical Dot Painted Tribal Masks 6 Inch Wall Decor

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  • Impressive Dimensions - Revel in the captivating allure of these masks, each boasting dimensions of approximately 6 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 1.25 inches in depth, making them a striking addition to your wall decor.
  • Uniquely Crafted - Embrace the essence of individuality with these masks, meticulously hand-carved and hand-painted, ensuring that no two are alike. While your set will share similar shapes and colors, it will be a random and distinct work of art, distinct from the pictured examples.
  • Artisanal Excellence - These masks are a testament to master craftsmanship, hailing from the skilled hands of artisans in Indonesia. Their expertise and cultural heritage infuse each piece with a unique story and cultural significance.
  • Effortless Installation - Transforming your space is a breeze with hanger loops conveniently located on the back of each mask. Hang them with ease and let their tribal charm adorn your walls effortlessly.
  • Gift of Cultural Delight - Whether you're seeking to enrich your own decor or searching for a thoughtful gift, these masks are a splendid choice. Share the beauty of artisanal Indonesian craftsmanship with friends and family, making it a gift that resonates with cultural appreciation and artistic expression.

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Transform your living spaces with the captivating allure of this exquisite set of ten 6-inch tall Aboriginal dot-painted tribal wall masks. These hand-carved and hand-painted treasures, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Indonesia, are a testament to the artistry and cultural heritage that emanates from every stroke and dot. Carved from lightweight and eco-friendly Albesia wood, each mask stands approximately 6 inches tall, with dimensions of 3 inches in width and 1.25 inches in depth. These wooden wonders are more than mere decorative pieces; they are windows into the rich tapestry of African and Polynesian tribal traditions. The deep brown base coat of these tribal masks provides an evocative backdrop, setting the stage for the intricate hand-painted dots that infuse each mask with its unique personality. No two masks are identical, and your set may boast delightful variations in colors and patterns, making them truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art. These tribal masks are perfect for adorning any room, whether you seek to create a tropical paradise, a Polynesian-inspired oasis, or simply add a touch of global artistry to your home decor. They can be hung as decorative wall art, transforming your space into a gallery of cultural expression. Indulge in the charm of these tribal treasures, and let their presence resonate with the spirit of Indonesian craftsmanship and the mystique of African and Polynesian traditions. With their small size and easy hanging capabilities, these masks are versatile additions to your home decor, offering a captivating glimpse into the world of tribal artistry.

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