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Carved Wooden Flipping The Bird Hand Gesture Statue Natural Finish Home Decor

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  • Overall Size - This wooden hand sculpture measures 3 inches in length, 2.25 inches in width, and stands at a height of 7.75 inches.
  • Natural Design - Crafted from natural wood, this hand statue embodies the essence of organic simplicity.
  • Raw Wood - The raw, unfinished wood offers the opportunity for customization, allowing you to stain, paint, or enjoy it in its natural state.
  • Peaceful Decor - A playful and whimsical addition to your decor, this hand gesture sculpture adds character and charm to desks, tables, and shelves.
  • Great Gift - Whether for yourself or as a gift for friends and family, this unique art piece makes a wonderful and thought-provoking present.

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SKU ZKO-99277

Introducing a captivating piece of hand-carved wooden art, this statue represents a powerful message, standing tall at 7.75 inches, with dimensions measuring 3 inches in width and 2.25 inches in depth. Crafted meticulously from Albesia wood, an eco-conscious and fast-growing material, this sculpture embodies both exquisite craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. This unique creation features a hand gesture that resonates with bold defiance, making it an exceptional conversation starter. Its distinctive design captures attention and adds an edgy charm to any space, be it your office desk, bookshelf, or side table. Beyond its decorative appeal, this statue stands as a symbol of self-expression, encouraging you to embrace your individuality. The "bug off" gesture, portrayed with finesse in this wooden sculpture, transforms ordinary decor into an extraordinary statement. Its small yet impactful presence makes it versatile, not only as a decorative sculpture but also as an unconventional centerpiece for your dining table. Its striking aesthetic prompts curiosity, sparking engaging conversations among guests and admirers. This hand-carved masterpiece carries more than just visual appeal; it embodies a spirit of independence and authenticity. Its placement in your home or office transcends traditional decor, infusing your space with character and personality. Embrace the artistry, celebrate uniqueness, and invite intriguing conversations with this exceptional hand-carved wooden sculpture.

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