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Silent Salute - Kneeling Military Soldier with Rifle In Ground Memorial Resin Statue - For Indoor or Outdoor Display - 8.5 Inches Tall - Antique Bronze Finish

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  • Eternal Tribute in Bronze - Standing at 8.5 inches high, 5.25 inches long, and 3.75 inches wide, this statue is a timeless symbol. Crafted meticulously from enduring resin, it carries the inscription "Gone but Not Forgotten," immortalizing fallen heroes with unwavering honor.
  • Masterful Resin Craftsmanship - Expertly cast in long-lasting resin, this memorial captures the essence of gratitude. The antique bronze finish bestows a genuine metal appearance, adding depth to its celebratory representation. It stands not just as a sculpture but as a heartfelt salute to soldiers' ultimate sacrifice.
  • A Touch of Elegance - The enduring statue boasts an antique bronze finish, exuding an aura of real metal. Beyond its visual appeal, it serves as a dignified memorial in any space, evoking reverence and respect. It's a perpetual testament to the bravery and valor of those who served their nation.
  • Cherished Memorial Gift - More than a decorative piece, it stands as a wonderful tribute. For those who have lost loved ones in the armed services, this statue becomes a cherished memento, offering solace and remembrance. It encapsulates eternal gratitude and stands as a meaningful reminder of sacrifice and honor.
  • Symbol of Enduring Gratitude - This figurine embodies gratitude and reverence. Its dignified portrayal captures the essence of military duty, serving as a perpetual salute to fallen soldiers. A powerful representation, it echoes the eternal gratitude for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, making it a truly heartfelt and enduring gift.

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In a profound gesture of honor, a military soldier kneels, his rifle buried into the earth, silently paying tribute to fallen comrades. This poignant scene stands as a heartfelt memorial, a tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Resting upon a base bearing the solemn words "gone but not forgotten," this 8.5-inch high, 5.25-inch long, 3.75-inch wide antique bronze statue encapsulates the essence of respect and remembrance. Crafted with precision from enduring resin, this sculpture stands the test of time, ensuring its enduring presence in any space. Its dignified portrayal captures the essence of military duty, evoking a sense of reverence. As an outdoor garden or yard ornament, it serves as a perpetual salute to the brave souls who have served their nation. This timeless military figurine is not merely a piece of decor; it's a symbol of gratitude and reverence. Its antique bronze finish adds a touch of elegance, making it a meaningful addition to any memorial display. For those who have lost friends or family in the armed services, this statue is a cherished memento, offering solace and remembrance, a tribute that echoes the eternal gratitude for the fallen heroes.

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