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Hand Carved Wood Art Polynesian Party Hawaiian Tiki Masks 10 Piece Set 10 Inch

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  • Impressive Dimensions - Each mask measures around 9.75 inches high, 4.75 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide, varying slightly due to the handmade craftsmanship, ensuring each piece is unique.
  • Craftsmanship Excellence - Meticulously handcrafted from sustainable wood in Indonesia, these masks boast intricate detailing and are designed for both indoor and outdoor display. The convenient string loop hanger on the back allows for easy installation.
  • Artistic Brilliance - These masks are more than decor; they are vibrant expressions of Polynesian art. Hand-stained and painted in lively red, green, and yellow hues on a brown wood base, each mask radiates a distinctive and colorful character.
  • Versatile Tropical Charm - Whether enhancing your tiki bar, creating an island-themed oasis, or refreshing your tropical decor, these masks add a lively touch. Their captivating big-toothed grins and party personality bring an immediate sense of fun to any space.
  • Endless Party Vibes - Elevate your gatherings, whether on the porch, patio, or indoor party space. These masks, with their cheerful hues and lively expressions, guarantee to keep the good times rolling, infusing every moment with an infectious festive spirit.

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Transform your space into a tropical paradise with this captivating 10-piece set of tiki masks. Hand-carved by skilled Indonesian artisans, each mask is a unique work of art, featuring vibrant colors and playful facial expressions that bring a lively atmosphere to your home, garden, patio, or tiki bar. Crafted from brown wood, these masks showcase big toothy grins and festive faces, adding an authentic Polynesian look to your decor. These masks, approximately 9.75 inches high, 4.75 inches long, and 1.5 inches wide, are versatile additions to any island-themed setting. Whether adorning the walls of your home, restaurant, or beach bar, these masks create a captivating ambiance. The loop hanger on the back ensures easy and secure installation, allowing you to enjoy their tropical charm without hassle. This set is not just a delightful addition to your own space but also makes a fantastic gift for anyone who appreciates unique and eclectic decor. Embrace the spirit of Polynesian artistry and add a touch of exotic allure to your surroundings. Please note that due to the handmade nature of these masks, each one may vary slightly in size, style, and color, ensuring you receive a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

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