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  • 21.5 in. Long, 5.5 in. High, 3.75 in. Deep.
  • Creatively Crafted of Wood w/4 Round Hanging Pegs and a Top Shelf.
  • Pink and White Finish with Hearts and Giraffes.
  • A Great All-In-One Place for Children to Hang Their Coat, Bag and Hat or Clothes, Pajamas and Robe.
  • The Perfect Wall Accent for Any Little Giraffe Lover and Great for the Nursery.

Display your little giraffe lovers books, toys, pictures or collectibles on this sweet little wall shelf that will capture your heart with its giraffe and hearts design. It features a top shelf and 4 round pegs below, the perfect place for your child to hang their jacket, bag and hat or clothes, pajamas and robe. It's a functional all-in-one spot for your child to easily organize their things. It's also the perfect piece for the nursery to hang your little ones things and other decorative items. This 21.5 inch long, 5.5 inch high, 3.75 inch deep shelf is creatively crafted in a sturdy wood design and finished in shades of pink and white.

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