• 6.5 Ft. Long with 3.75 in. Diameter Umbrella Shaped Cups.
  • Creatively Crafted of Metal.
  • 9 Green Verdigris Finish Umbrella Shaped Cups Guide Rain Water For Collection.
  • Use In Place of a Traditional Down Spout, Hang From the Patio, Garden Shed or Garden Gazebo.
  • Collect Water for Your Garden, Indoor Plants, Pet Drinking Bowls and Household Use.

Eye-catching, stylish, functional and useful, you can accent your outdoor decor with this 6.5 foot long rain chain featuring a rustic green verdigris finish and nine 3.75 inch diameter umbrella shaped cups that visibly guide rain water down the chain for collection in a barrel, bucket or watering can. It's a pretty yet practical accent piece that can be used to collect rain water for gardening or household use. You'll be able to water your indoor plants, do some household chores and even fill the pet's drinking bowl with clean fresh water. It includes an attached hanger so you can start collecting rain water right away. It's a decorative addition to gazebos, garden sheds and patios, and is great as a gift for a gardening friend.

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