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Flowers, Not Just For Valentine's!

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As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, many of you will be making a very specific purchase for a special someone. For many, part or all of the gift will contain flowers. They are such a popular gift, 110 million roses alone are purchased for Valentine’s Day each year – to the tune of around $1.9 Billion dollars. It ranks as the number one holiday for fresh flower purchases and follows closely on the heels of Mother’s Day in terms of bouquet sales.

Flowers aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, though. Fresh flowers can be a welcome sight year-round, whether a home centerpiece, part of a party or just a few blooms in the kitchen. Like many of us, you probably have no idea what the meaning of individual flowers are. You just have your favorite you think is pretty!

Nothing wrong with that; in fact Rutgers University conducted a study on how flowers affect us, and concluded they can improve our emotional health. No reason to give or receive flowers? Buy some for yourself! Rather than a piece of art or picture, living flowers can bring a fresh new look to your home. They also create a welcoming space that, according to the Rutgers study, bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter the room.

Want to spark more creativity at work? Intersperse your bouquet with some Statice Flowers. Perhaps you can bring your own touch of the dramatic with a bunch of Amaryllis in this highly detailed giraffe vase.
Giraffe Safari Decorative Antique Bronze Finish Vase

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and fragrant flowers can help you recall memories. Bring bouquets into your space that remind you of vacations, past accomplishments or even the smell of your childhood home. Not just a floral ‘filler’, baby’s breath represents festivity. Brought together with an old favorite such as Hydrangea, it can create a wonderful window into the past. Whether you are looking for a bit of old world charm or modern flair , finding the right accent for those wonderful bouquets will create a lasting impression.  Silver Finish Aluminum Flower Vase 16 Inches Tall

Distressed Green Ceramic 14 Inch Vase With Double Handles

Traditionally, certain flowers are used for specific occasions, however we all have our favorite bloom that makes them a personal gift no matter the season. So grab a vase that speaks to you year-round and enjoy the wonderful benefits of fresh flowers anytime.

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